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2011 John Deere Z445 54 in Deck
Delivered 9-24-11

Mower arrived @ 9:20 a.m. got the briefing from the salesman and I was mowing by 9:45 a.m.

Grass was tall and wet ground pretty much saturated from all of the rains and flooding I am in Virginia

This was my first experience with a ZTR I have been on riding tractors for many years my current is a 38 in 18 hp MTD Yard Machine

It took me a few minutes to get the hang of it then I was gone!

First thing I noticed was the speed, this thing absolutely flies!! that took a bit of getting used to, trying to keep this thing straight at speed was fun to say the least!

The 27 hp engine had a lot of power easily pulling my uphills at speed

The cut was absolutely amazing! I was very surprised at how well it cut the grass in the condition it was in and the speed in which I was traveling, if one word could sum it up, it would just simply be WOW!

Again this is my first ZTR so I have no point of reference but I was completely blown away I love the mower and what a time saver, to gauge the time savings I cut a piece of my property it typically takes me right at 2.5 hours I was completely done in 50 minutes :D:D:D I put 3.1 hours of seat time on it and no back pain when I was done, very comfortable seat after some minor adjustments I found the mower to be very ergonomically friendly, I did not have to reach for anything

So to sum it up I was tickled and it was well worth the investment, now we just need to see how it holds up.


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Congrats!! Woohoo!!! :)

Glad to hear you got it and clearly love it! Haha, I told you it would be fast! :) It's not until you actually drive one of these things that you realize how quick and fast they are, they will put you back in the seat a little bit.

Yup, they do take a little getting used too, that's for sure, but they are sure a lot of fun to opperate. Glad to hear the ZTR is doing it's job and cutting your mowing time wayyy down! That's the intention of them!

Now let's see the pics! ;)

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I'm buying a Z445 this week from the John Deere Dealership in Checotah, Oklahoma. My old 2008 JD Z245 has been a real workhorse, outlasting my neighbor's Troy-Bilt zero turn and his big orange, Bad Boy zero turn put together. The Z245 has been very easy to work on, compared to either one of my neighbor's mowers. I love the fact that the deck pulls right out anytime the blades need attention (No jacking up and crawling underneath a 700 pound orange dog).

I've been after my OSU extension Agent for a number of years, to get a ZERO TURN RODEO started at the County Fair... After a season of mowing three acres of grass, you end up getting pretty 'salty' at operating one of these things. I think it would be great fun to enter a pole bending competition, barrel racing competition, obstacle course competition, soccer ball herding competition (We do that one at school while mowing the playground just fooling around). Heck, just throw some trash on the ground and see who can pick it up the fasted with a trash grabber, without getting off the mower. My Extension Agent doesn't have a zero turn and just doesn't get that it's fun to drive one.
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