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I have a 9 year old Toro lawn mower and I am having cutting problems. My unit is a 2002 Toro Front Wheel Drive, High Rear Wheel Recycler mower. When new, this unit ground the grass up into bits and deposited it back into the lawn perfectly. I always remember when my neighbour came over and stared at my lawn and asked, where'd the grass go? He was bagging and it was a lot of work for him.

Now there is a big problem. When I cut the mower leaves a distinct trail of clippings in a row right along where the RIGHT wheels are. Some grass is mulched as it is supposed to but not enough. This problem is worse when the lawn is lush and green. It is so bad I have to rake. I can keep the problem at bay a bit if I mow in a square pattern because I can scoop up the grass using the left edge of the mower and never going back and forth, but I am getting tired of this. Also, when I lift the deck to turn the mower clippings are deposited on the lawn which require raking. As an aside, the underside of the cutting deck becomes built up with grass easily. I can clear it out and hose it down and let it dry and it'll be back again in a few passes.

I put a brand new Toro Atomic recycler blade on this spring and the problem remains. Are there parts under where the deck where the blade is that could be broken? Parts that could be related to the mulching operation?

I called around my area (I live in a city with 400,000 people) and All the TORO authourized repair facilities are happy to set up an appt to charge me $80 to "Have a look" but none sound like they've seen the problem before and have an idea of what it could be. I don't want to waste my $$ on repairs to no avail, I'd rather put it to a new one if this is required.

It's just that I just had a major tuneup done on it and it runs perfectly except for his annoying problem. Any ideas. Also, does anyone know of a way to contact TORO directly regarding problems? My neighbours all have no-name Walmart brand mowers and have no problems and here I am supposed to have a premium mower and it has this annoying problem.

All help would be appreciated.

Bill Erskine
London, Ontario

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Are the "kickers" still fastened to the top underside of the deck? Maybe one or more of them has came loose and got away. (Black plastic triangular/pyramid pieces.) Mine also has sort of a wing piece that mounts between the blade and the bolt. Does yours have that or did it ever? I would think it has to be something different in the airflow under there now compared to when it was new. You can spray silicone under there to make things less sticky for the grass to cling to. But results seem to vary widely depending on the type of grass, etc.

Toro customer service information:
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