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2001 345 wont start

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pulled out a few shrubs and pushed it too hard. engine stalled and wont restart. nothing happens when I turn the key except a slight buzz.

I called the dealer but its going to be a week before the see me.

any ideas what I'm dealing with here???

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Hello, Jimmy, and welcome to the forum.

I would try to turn the engine over by hand if possible just to see if something broke or if it's locked up. That may be all it takes to break it loose. I'm wondering, also, if the belt is too tight, maybe pinched, preventing the engine from turning.
Welcome Jimmy!

Looks like you have a hydro transmission?

First thing I would do is try to determine if it is and engine or a transmission problem. Looks like when you set the parking brake it takes the tension off the belt going to the transmission. So you would want to set the brake before trying to turn the engine by hand.

If your living right it might just be a branch or twig caught up underneath in the belts and pulleys. ;)
The engine seems to be turning over but still nothing. I appreciate the quick response and I will definitely be back to this site!
Keep us posted what you find out. :)
Might be worth checking your fuses just to make sure one of them didn't burn out.

Can you determine where the 'slight buzz' is coming from when you turn the key???
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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