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1957 Vintage Snapper: Looking for Info

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Hi all....

Are there any Snapper collectors Here? Maybe a Snapper dealer that has information from the 50's?

I am trying to locate the model Snapper that I used as a kid. My dad bought it new in 1957 at Brewer Mowers in Millerton New York.

It was a self-propelled walk behind; side discharge. However, it was very different from the designs that Snapper has used in later years.

It's "transmission" was a gearbox mounted on the deck behind the engine (a Briggs 81702), with a drive belt under the deck.There was a driveshaft that extended left and right with pulleys and drive belts that connected to the rear wheels.

The operator had a handle that when pushed forward would tension the belts. Walk-speed was determined only by engine RPM.

Can someone help me? I want to know the model # of this Snapper in an effort to help locate one that I can rebuild. I've been searching on and off for years and have yet to find even a picture of one.

It was a very sturdy machine; painted in Snapper Red with the white was quite an eyecatcher as well.

Thanks for reading, Chuck
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Welcome Chuck!

Could it have been one of the old Snappin' Turtles?

Snappin' Turtle first gas mower - a photo on Flickriver

Snappin Turtle
Hi Mark...thanks for the reply.

No; it's not **THAT** old hehe....

The Snappin' Turtle reigns from about dad's mower was bought new in I think 1957.

Lets see what the other members here can dredge up.


Is it like the one shown in the link below? It's side discharge, has stamped Snapper lettering, a red deck and has a white painted B&S engine.

Antique Radio Forums • View topic - New toy (ok so its not a radio)

I typed in on Google Images "Snapper Push Mower" and this is was the oldest style Snapper push mower I could come up with.


I found another that is similar to the one in the link above, but looks like it may be a little new but still the basic style:

Pics here-
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Hi Austen...thanks for the reply!

Nope; both of those are too new. They both are the Hi-Vac deck design...Snapper had yet to develop that in 1957. And; that engine in the first picture is the newer style as well with the gas tank below the carb.

When (if) you get to see a picture of a 1957 Snapper,,,you will see that it bears little resemblance to the newer Hi-Vacs,

The engine Snapper used in 1957 was the 81702....Here's a picture of one. Note the gas tank is built into the shroud; the gas line can be seen running across the cylinder head around to the carb. Also; note the cool throttle indicator thingy at the right edge of the shroud. It used the Flo-Jet carburetor with a oil-bath air cleaner.

I'm excited to see the level of interest at this site. I've posted elsewhere with not much to show for it so far. Thanks!



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Was the desk cast alumium? I have about 7 of the old cast alumium decks types out in the field which i can check when it stops raining.
Tagpopshed...thanks for the reply!

I'm not sure; it's been about 40 years since I've seen the mower. It could very well have been aluminum; I wouldn't be surprised. It was NOT a Hi-Vac design...and it was not a rear bagger and could not have been converted into a rear-bagger. It was a side discharge. I think I remember seeing non-self-propelled versions of it; mine was self-propelled.

If you think your decks are that old...lets have a look at 'em!

Thanks, Chuck
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