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14.5 Briggs blow by at Push rods and lifters

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New here not sure if I'm posting this in the correct area or not ?

I have a question maybe someone here can help with , I have a 14.5 Hp motor on my tractor. Its been a good motor , Last fall it started to blow oil and gas up through the Carb. from the C.Case vent box .
I pulled that off and cleaned it looked fine , So I also adjusted the valve lash ran great for about 15hrs . Today it back fired again I removed the valve cover and lot of oil and gas drained out.

I checked and set the valves again . But noticed that when I cranked the motor it was blowing gas past the push rod side .Pulled the head gasket looked a little flaky between the piston and that intake area from the carb. Piston walls look fine piston will push my hand off the top when I compress it .
Just not sure if this blow by is normal in that area ? I don't recall that when I set the valves a few weeks ago. It like I mentioned it was running great made that pop backfire sound and died ): Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated
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Welcome to MLMF, Roger


Valves look good, seats are good and lash is set with new head gasket.

I wonder about the cam gear?
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