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05 legacy 25 V Twin 60????????

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Any info on this unit available... I looked at one today, with 488 hours on it for $3500.00. Real decent condition, kept inside. Seems to run well... What should I know about this unit??? Anyone have one?
Thanks for reading... Tom the mowerless
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Not As new but nice

I ended up with a 98 Legacy 60" with less than 500 hours that was kept in a heated basement/garage... Runs great mows fair to good, but I'm betting that once I replace the belt, clean the pulleys and replace a bent discharge flange part, It'll quit bogging and cut like a winner... Belt slips especially on discharge blade and appears to be slippery and stretchy... I have a new belt, discharge flange, and hardware on order... Any ideas if I'm headed in the right direction??? Thanks. Tom the Simplicity fan...
Slipping belts will definitely effect the quality of cut by dropping the blade rpm. Kind of like trying to cut grass at an idle.

While the belts are off I would spin the blades and see what shape the spindle bearings are in. Any play in the bearings can give you a rough looking cut too.
Thanks Mark! I'll be tearing the deck apart next week and plan to replace the belt, discharge flange and the belt tension spring... The mower cuts really smooth as long as it don't bog down, so I don't think the spindles are a problem, but will check them out with the belt off... I love the finish from this rig...
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