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  1. Husqvarna
    Just got a new TS 146XK and have 2 hours of run time on it and i have noticed if run around in forward or reverse at times it makes a whirling sound from the transmission or at least it seems to be from there. It has a hydrostatic transmission and i have never had a tractor with that type of...
  2. General Lawnmower Repair
    Tractor- MTD Yard Machine 18.5hp/46" 12 Speed Model number: 14AS820H352 Serial number: 1F029B10178 Engine- Model: 42A707 Type: 2238 E1 My friend gave me her old mower after her ex had stripped and screwed everything on it that he could (in my opinion). My girlfriend took it to a shop for...
1-2 of 2 Results