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  1. Toro
    Just bought this used with only 730 hours on it and it seems to be making a whistling sound that as near as I can tell comes from the hydros vicinity. Should I be able to hear this over the engine? I have a Titan here as well and there's no noticeable sound from that. Any comment? thanks, Gordon
  2. Toro
    Hi there, I have a mower that will only work on low side of the switch during transport. I've replaced the switch. Tested it, the input and out from the computer and got ground on both sides. The way I'm reading the schematic is that the computer should be sending ground in at pin 1-33 and...
  3. General Lawnmower Repair
    I have a 2005ish toro 60in zero turn. Has a Diesel engine liquid cooled having over heating issues after 10-15 mins of easy cutting. Has coolant, fins on radiator look great and clean, oil level is good. Also, thermostat ia clean and seems to be in working order on visual inspection. Hydraulic...
  4. New Member Introductions
    I just bought a Toro 612z zero turn and I think the PTO is going bad I was wondering if anyone installed an aftermaket Pto on their Toro I know this is an older 1991 model but I love the way it drives and I need to just bring it back to normal operating state. another problem I have is that the...
  5. ZTR and Commercial
    EDIT: Please remove this post. I accidentally posted in the wrong forum.
  6. Lawn Mower Main Forum
    I bought the Toro Model# 20367T 60v recycler push mower and have two issues: 1) GRASS CLIPPINGS: I have used the mulcher mode since I took it out of the box at the start of the summer. Every time there have been visible clippings. One particular area of my yard grows faster than the rest and...
1-6 of 6 Results