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  1. General Lawnmower Repair
    I got a stuck throttle on my v-twin Briggs After I installed a new Chineseum carburetor
  2. General Lawnmower Repair
    I got a new carburetor for my v-twin briggs And the throttle isn’t doing anything (I put a custom pedal on it if that helps) and if I just let it rev it revs higher than Normal I think it may be a problem with the Governor arm but I haven’t the slightest Clue on how to mess with it any help...
  3. Lawn Mower Main Forum
    My 282h07-0196-e1 poulan pro riding mower was running rough and dying. I took it to the repairman last summer and he put a new oem carburetor on it and replaced the plug and air filter. Also put a new battery on it. It ran for a while and then died and I gave up on it. Last week I got back...
  4. Small Engine Repair Discussion
    I have a Briggs and Stratton vanguard 9hp (161437) it has been apart for many years. I’m currently putting it back together. But I can find a diagram for the throttle and governor mech. I think it’s missing some springs and a linkage, I just need a photo of a complete unit or someone that has...
1-4 of 4 Results