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  1. For Trade Snapper Hi-Vac

    Lawn Mowers and Parts "Want to Buy"
    1986 Snapper Hi-Vac, model 21401PS. This is an electric start model, which works and has a new battery, but also has a pull start as well. The carburetor has new gaskets and seals, as well as a new needle and seat. The air filter and element screen are also new. It runs and cuts very well. I am...
  2. Snapper
    I need help. The electric cut height adjusment system is not working. Adjusment button makes the humming sound when pressed and we can see the bolt turning in either direction, but the deck does not move. Owners Maunuel does not have any information or diagrams of how hookup should be. Is there...
1-2 of 2 Results