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  1. John Deere
    Greetings all, I purchased a used 2009 JD X540 last year, with about 700 hours and nearly all of my mowable yard is on some kind of hillside. The diff lock is essential and worked great through most of last year and then stopped working. I stopped by the local JD store this morning to see a...
  2. Small Engine Repair Discussion
    Hi all. This problem is killing me. I'm a mechanic by trade (industrial equipment) but this has me stumped. It starts up fine, runs fine, but as soon as it either runs for about 10 seconds or I open the choke it dies. I first drained all the gas and replaced it with new gas. Then I replaced the...
  3. Small Engine Repair Discussion
    My ride on Sabre John Deere lawn mower Backfired and now won’t start. I was 90% complete with mowing the lawn. It seemed to be running fine. I stopped the mower to pick something up that I was going to run over. As I was doing so, there was a loud pop and when I tried to turn it over, I got...
  4. Lawn Mower Main Forum
    Hi, I have a John Deere LT155 which has gradually become sluggish when travelling and very reluctant to tackle anything more than a very gradual incline. What things should I check and hopefully rectify? Obviously I am hoping it is not the hydrostatic unit that needs replacing! Many thanks, Terry
1-4 of 4 Results