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  1. Small Engine Repair Discussion
    Hi all. This problem is killing me. I'm a mechanic by trade (industrial equipment) but this has me stumped. It starts up fine, runs fine, but as soon as it either runs for about 10 seconds or I open the choke it dies. I first drained all the gas and replaced it with new gas. Then I replaced the...
  2. Small Engine Repair Discussion
    My ride on Sabre John Deere lawn mower Backfired and now won’t start. I was 90% complete with mowing the lawn. It seemed to be running fine. I stopped the mower to pick something up that I was going to run over. As I was doing so, there was a loud pop and when I tried to turn it over, I got...
  3. Lawn Mower Main Forum
    Hi, I have a John Deere LT155 which has gradually become sluggish when travelling and very reluctant to tackle anything more than a very gradual incline. What things should I check and hopefully rectify? Obviously I am hoping it is not the hydrostatic unit that needs replacing! Many thanks, Terry
1-3 of 3 Results