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  1. Husqvarna
    Needing some help, looking for someone to link me to a part number for the idle adjustment screw for the carb on a Husqvarna 455. Any help is appreciated greatly
  2. Husqvarna
    Hi i have a Husqvarna YTH1842 with a Briggs and Stratton 33r777-0003G1 18.5 intek. Got it out to use this spring and was having problems starting so I bought a new battery,starter and solenoid with no luck! Had it looked at and was told it was a compression issue a release or something? Anyway...
  3. Lawn Mower Main Forum
    Hi, I bought this lawnmower in the summer. what do you think, would there be any snow in this plowed winter? Now there is already half a meter of snow and I wouldn't want to dig my mower out of the stable for nothing. do I need snow chains or is four-wheel drive enough?
  4. General Lawnmower Repair
    Husqvarna Model #: 961450024 02 with a Honda GCV 160 engine Changed the following with new: Spark plug Coil Fuel Air filter Carburetor Will not start and run, any suggestions?
  5. Husqvarna
    Can someone with a YTH22V46 show me a picture where the return spring attaches to the frame and on the other end as well please?
1-6 of 6 Results