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  1. General Lawnmower Repair
    I have a 2005ish toro 60in zero turn. Has a Diesel engine liquid cooled having over heating issues after 10-15 mins of easy cutting. Has coolant, fins on radiator look great and clean, oil level is good. Also, thermostat ia clean and seems to be in working order on visual inspection. Hydraulic...
  2. Lawn Mower Main Forum
    Over the past few weeks my Hustler Z Diesel zero turn has been cutting in and out after about an hour of mowing. After doing so for a little while it will eventually shut off. This is with the PTO on and also without it on. The air filter, and fuel filter were replaced, and a few other...
  3. All Other Brands
    Hello everyone, I just picked up a cushman front line with a 60" deck and the blades are very worn out, I was curious if anyone knew where to pick up new ones at?
1-3 of 3 Results