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L1500 DT
ORANGE (of course silly)
I first saw and spoke to the previous owner about this tractor back in February of 2015. I was set to go pick it up on a Friday, however we
were due for snow, so I called Thursday and postponed it until that Saturday. Well that same Thursday I got laid off, so I made another
call to cancel the deal. Once I was employed again I again started to contact the owner and work out the deal. When I finally picked up
this tractor in November of 2015, it was in good shape relatively speaking. It came with a 4' Great Bend front end loader, a 5' Rhino Rear
Blade, a 4' Atlas rear box blade a 4' Brush Hog mower and a pair of 28" fork lift forks. It was not abused or misused, but was neglected and
definitely lacking general maintenance and care. It had no reverse and a terrible noise in 3rd gear. Not one of the grease fitting had seen
grease in years, nor would most any take grease as they were plugged up. The project took longer than expected, it started out as a lets
fix it up project but soon turned into a restoration project. I started out with the wiring, all of it was pulled out and the coverings replaced,
along with any terminals that needed to be redone. With that off and out of the way, it was time to split the tractor this was the first
tractor I had ever worked on, and that went very smooth. The input shaft, reverse gear and the gear that had 3rd gear on it were replaced.
While it was in three pieces, I repainted the engine, transmission and rear end with factory Kubota Blue Acrylic Enamel. All of the
sheet metal was cleaned, straightened, de-rusted, repaired, primered and painted with factory Kubota Orange Acrylic Enamel. The steering
wheel was a restoration project in itself, and was time consuming, but I ended up with a very nice original steering wheel. The headlights
were converted from the sad 25W motorcycle style incandescent bulbs to LED high power lights. All external hardware was replaced with
stainless steel where it was available. I have documented the process with plenty of photos and created a facebook blog at;
0 Kubota L1500 DT (ORANGE (of course silly))



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