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John Deere JX75 makes horrid sounds unless blade is engaged.

I got a 1999 JX75 Mower three days ago, for free. The eyelet on the recoil starter wore out, which is all I know about it's last 20 years.

I'm working on the eyelet problem, but my question regards a sound, rusty metal on rusty metal, that the mower makes as I try to start it. It starts now, but before, when it wasn't starting -- this horrid sound as I tried to start it.

Got it started, and the engine seems fine (awesome sound, really), but this horrid metal clashing goes on in the background.

Engage the blade, and the horrid sound goes away. Whole mower sounds beautiful. Quite the contrast.

I have worked on mowers, but never one with a clutch -- none the less, this sounds like a clutch problem. To me. Who knows nothing about clutches. A new clutch is quite pricey ($185, when I looked), so can't do that.

I have no clue how to approach this. I am hoping someone knows what the problem is, from my description. Can get more information on this mower, if that helps.
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