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Prime 05-29-2019 11:56 AM

HONDA hrx217 Wont pull backwards /
One of my HRX217 mowers was becoming increasingly hard to pull backwards. About 800 hours on it. Eventually it got to the point that the wheels would lock up pulling back after about an hour run time. I routinely clean the drive gears and adjusters, change bushings and seals as needed. So I take apart the drives and service them. Mower pulled back easy when reassembled... ah problem solved... head out mowing next day, within an hour the same deal, mower locks solid on pull back.
Not sure what to do now...transmission maybe? But the mower would work perfect going ahead. So I removed the transmission and axle. What I found was that there were scores in the axle caused by worn dust seals. ( the seals are made on a steel ring) I didnt really think this would stop the mower from pulling backwards.
So what the heck, its a rain out day. I get some coarse sandpaper and spend several hours sanding the axle back smooth, then polish with finer grits. Once smooth I reassembled and lubed with new seals and bushings. So I take it out next day to see what happens, not too optimistic. 20 lawns later and No further issues. Appears the scores on the axle were the problem. Hopefully this will help someone else who encounters this issue. :tango_face_smile:

micah68kj 06-03-2019 06:11 PM

Mine.stopped pulling backwards. Al! i did.was.remove the wheels and cleaned, greased the axle shafts and that gear on the inside. Been a month now and all is well.

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